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Creating the Future of High-Assurance Cyber-Security

We make complex military-grade security transparent so users can focus on their mission
pLEO Cubesat

Cryptographic Modernization for
Size, Weight, and Power
Constrained Systems 

Arkham Technology develops

Quantum Resistant and KMI-aware COMSEC, TRANSEC, and cryptographic key management systems, which enable

Multi-Domain Operations with modern Cloud-based analytics and battlefield IoT


Unique licensable Intellectual Property (IP) for high-assurance cryptographic modernization and KMI Integration


Cleared staff and secure development  infrastructure certified and accredited by the U.S. Government for trusted microelectronics design


Mature engineering and development processes compliant with U.S. and international standards to ensure quality


Successful design, certification, and integration support of over 25 different

high-assurance COMSEC and KMI systems

Why Choose Us?

What We Offer

Whether you are a government agency or an aerospace & defense prime-contractor, our products and services ensure your program's success

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