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Laptop Keyboard

Our Core Capabilities

We develop systems requiring extreme
levels of mission assurance in order to ensure our national security and protect those we care for

KMI Integration and Automation

We are experts in integrating both future and legacy systems with the Key Management Infrastructure (KMI) and automating cybersecurity with Over-the-Network Keying (OTNK) and NETCONF/RESTCONF/SNMP

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High-Assurance Certification

High-Assurance Crypto Certification

We help our Government and corporate customers navigate complex cybersecurity certifications and accreditations, including TSaB, CHVP, CSfC, FIPS 140, NCDSMO, and RMF frameworks

Military-Grade COMSEC Development

We have helped design and certify over 25 different high-assurance cryptographic and key distribution systems, including FSDA, CCA, TEMPEST, and anti-tamper design 

SpaceVNX+ Crypto Module
Army UAS IoT

Battlefield IoT and Cloud Security

We turn legacy sensors and systems into KMI-aware Internet of Battlefield Things (IoBT) edge devices and provide secure Zero-trust interoperability with cloud-based AI/ML analytics

Trusted Microelectronics Design

We are certified by the U.S. Defense Microelectronics Activity (DMEA) Trusted Access Program Office (TAPO) for trusted chip design, including embedding our Government-evaluated cryptologic IP Core products 

CHIPS ACT Microelectronics
Last Inch Load Device

SWaP-Constrained Electronic Development

We develop MIL-STD-810 rugged electronics for austere environments at the LRU (box), SRU (board), and component (FPGA, ASIC) levels

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