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KMI Integration Products

Our products help our government and corporate customers integrate with KMI to ensure secure distribution of sensitive cryptographic keys and trusted certificate credentials

Tactical on-the-go, on-premise, or cloud-based software applications for distributing symmetric keys and establishing certificate credentials,

proxying through complex network topologies and bridging multiple protocols

Zero-trust network security protocols such as SODP, NETCONF/RESTCONF, MQTT, and KMIP using trusted KMI certificates

Clous AI/ML analytics

Mature adapter hardware allowing legacy EKMS systems to interface with KMI through

modern computing platforms and protocols,

such as USB, Ethernet, and MIL-STD-1553

DS-101 Adapters

Embeddable cryptographic modules, that are

KMI-aware, PDE-enabled, and Quantum Resistant,

and ruggedized for airborne, seaborne, terrestrial, and space environments

MOSA Crypto Module
Don't see something you need? 

We've probably designed something similar and can provide a custom solution to meet your requirements!
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